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Notes on etching



Drawing is where I begin.


Line is an invocation. 


An etched line has a unique physical presence, akin to the sculptural. 


A print traverses the one and the many. 


What interests me is how a particular form conveys energy, wholeness, and presence. 


The repetition of a form with subtle variations is a way of seeing how meanings may be lost or accrue.


– Léonie Guyer

untitled no. 2 (222)- Léonie Guyer


Title: Untitled, no. 2 (222)

Artist: Léonie Guyer

Medium: Flat bite and Aquatint, Chine Collé with gray gampi on black abaca paper

Print Size: 5 3/4” x 6 1/4”

Sheet Size: 10 1/4”x 11 5/8”

Edition Size: 13, 2 APs

Printer: Drew Grasso

Date: 2024


1308 Wood St. Oakland, Ca

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